Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My How Time Flies

And my baby is turning 9 tomorrow!

I love him more than ever...

Time flies....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry Christmas

I love this time of the year!I love decorating... and having friends over.
I love cooking for friends and giving gifts to people that I love!
I love all the little treasures I have been given (even the ones I should have thrown away years ago)
I love seeing how long I can keep my flocked tree from burning down my house...
I love listening to my boys read the story of The Three Trees...
I love our "It's a Wonderful Life" tree (even though I don't like the movie)
I love Kyle's tree because it has the oldest ornaments...
I love shopping in the rain for flocked trees...
and I love that my baby still believes in Santa (even if it's "just for his mama")

but most of all...

I love celebrating our Saviors birth because it's a time for me to remember how blessed I am!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy 15th Anniversary!!!

This weekend was our 15th wedding anniversary! We had such a great time together in SO Cal!
The highlight for me was meeting Pioneer Woman and having her sign copies of her cookbook for me! She was gracious enough to sign several copies for me, and even did a special page for each of my boys with their names on some of their favorite recipes! How sweet is she!
While we waited in line for hours, I got to meet some other wonderful ladies. It was fun to share our stories of how we all enjoy Ree's great blog!
Tony was a great sport... as always! Gosh I love this guy!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mac Madness

You know it's been too long since your last post when:

you've forgotten how to do a new post!

It was a busy, wonderful summer!

211 baseball games later (yes... I counted --- I needed to know why my yard and house have gone to pot in the last few months)... but we're finally done with baseball.
No one is more happy than Kyle... he just couldn't fathom another tournament.

He was too busy getting ready for school... in his own way.
These showed up today...

And mommy is trying to be as excited about these as I was the 7 guitars that have shown up at our house in the last few months.
I am...
and sometimes, especially when I listen to Kyle practice his electric guitar, I'm thrilled!
This is the night we went to his first GIG during the summer at The Barking Dog...
I sure love this kid...
even if he is 5 inches taller than me (without my heels).
SO, yeah...
haven't had much time for blogging- but I miss it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr York...

Mr. York and I want mom to come home soon!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where's The Time Gone?

A.J. just had his 11th birthday. Since his draft baseball team, his MC team, and his all star team doesn't give him enough time on the baseball field.... he wanted to go see a game with his friend for his big day!

Love this kid.

Don't always "get" this kid... but I love him more than anything in the world!
Nana and grandpa kicked down with some cool gifts... like always!
Enjoyed having a few friends over before the game...

11 best things about AJ:

1. Has a heart for worship

2. Loving and fun to be with

3. Always has a smile on his face

4. Can always count on him to find whatever I've lost... anything from my keys to work materials!

5. loves to help

6. has great manners

7. kind heart

8. my baseball boy

9. works hard

10. good friend, and always something nice to say

11. only son who puts away his dad's and my clothes the right way


I'm proud of the person you are becoming. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you! There is no doubt in my mind that, with your servant's heart... and love of worship, you will continue to bless everyone you come in contact with. I feel especially blessed to be your mommy, because I get to experience that fabulous smile every day! I love you son!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Heavy Heart

The article almost makes it sound like this kid was in a gang; but we don't believe he was.

He was a good kid.

For the last 12 years he's helped in our classrooms.

His mom still works with me at the school.

He was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. (just a side note-- our principal was shot at, at the same location last year, but the bullet didn't kill her. She went 'around' the corner from the school to get gas... that's how close she was to school.)

And now he's dead, and I feel like I can't pick my heart up off the floor!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Modesto Nuts let my kids have batting practice on their field the other day.

(I wonder how Mark McGwire likes that name for his old minor league team... geezzzzzzzzzz)
Colton is convinced it helped him hit his first over the fence home run last week.
And AJ thinks it helped him hit his walk off 3 run RBI last night to win the undefeated team.
And Caden was just happy to be hitting where the PROs practice.
And daddy loved it the most I think...

It's that time of year that we all love.
All 7 teams are in full swing... literally.

So there's not much time for blogging, or cleaning, or home cooked meals.
but... boy, oh boy...
this is one of my favorite seasons so far!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tonight I got a really frightening phone call...

We try so hard to protect our kids... to do what's best for them... but sometimes; you just don't see the drop offs. (Or worse, you ignore the twinge thinking you're just being "over-the-top")

I certainly didn't see this one coming... because I've always thought myself to be pretty careful with my boys and the Internet. Our boys are NEVER on the Internet without me or their dad in the room. They learned that from their dad. T doesn't even go on facebook without someone else in the room because in 2 clicks... you can wind up somewhere you didn't mean to be.

Last weekend, we let him spend the night with 2 of his best friends at one of their houses for a birthday sleep over. All 3 boys are 12. All 3 considered "bright," and "good kids".

They decided to open a "joint U Tube" account to post their "home made" videos on. What kid doesn't like to see video clip of himself!


This afternoon (2 nights after the original silly video was originally made with the 3 of them dancing around to music with pants on their hands), one of the boys edited one of the videos to include an audio clip.

In an attempt to "be funny" he made reference to a bomb, in a box, at school.

Now remember... my son doesn't really go to school with the 2 boys anymore (because we left when his 10 year old brother got cut with a pocket knife by another student who tried to stop him from telling the yard duty that she had the knife. And did I mention that we NEVER even got a phone call about him getting hurt because they "agreed to keep it between the principal and the student who brought the knife.")

Not only does my son not even go to that school anymore, but 2 of the boys didn't even have any knowledge that 1 had edited the video and included the audio clip this afternoon.

Fortunately, the mom of the boy who didn't edit the movie saw it tonight and deleted the account, along with all the videos.

But... lucky me! We get to deal with this mess tomorrow because... EVEN THOUGH HE'S NEVER SEEN IT (IT GOT DELETED BEFORE WE KNEW ABOUT IT)... OTHER kids from the school did see it. And his name... and face... was on it!


talk about a LIFE LESSON!