Friday, August 21, 2009

Mac Madness

You know it's been too long since your last post when:

you've forgotten how to do a new post!

It was a busy, wonderful summer!

211 baseball games later (yes... I counted --- I needed to know why my yard and house have gone to pot in the last few months)... but we're finally done with baseball.
No one is more happy than Kyle... he just couldn't fathom another tournament.

He was too busy getting ready for school... in his own way.
These showed up today...

And mommy is trying to be as excited about these as I was the 7 guitars that have shown up at our house in the last few months.
I am...
and sometimes, especially when I listen to Kyle practice his electric guitar, I'm thrilled!
This is the night we went to his first GIG during the summer at The Barking Dog...
I sure love this kid...
even if he is 5 inches taller than me (without my heels).
SO, yeah...
haven't had much time for blogging- but I miss it!