Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whose turn is it now?

In our attempt to be "good parents," we try to go on our kids' fieldtrips with them; and today was 'another' fieldtrip. I should be happy that our kids even get to go on fieldtrips; but all these vacation days from work... not so good. Last week was a whale watching trip for our 3rd grader, and a play downtown for our 2nd grader. Tony had to go see the whales because boats make me sick, and I got to go on the BORING fieldtrip to see Peter Rabbit. Today was an all-day trip to San Fransisco with 6 loud 5th grade boys (it was no accident he got to do this one). I can't remember what's next, but I'm sure Tony's going to say it's my turn next. WHY? Because Mr. Wonderful, Patient Dad just came home... and looks like ^)%(*^&^$. HA.... HA I'm almost tempted to say it's my turn next, but he's always so much more appreciative of me saying I've had a hard day at work with my class, after he takes his turn on a fieldtrip. Yep, definitely will be his turn next time too....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playing football in the rain

The boys have been inside because of the rain for several days now; so daddy promised to take them out for some football - rain or shine. Boys will be boys....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

27 dresses

Yes, I love "chick flicks." And ohh, is this ever a chick flick. My sister and I went to the show yesterday, and I had to laugh! Everyone can relate to weddings, the good and the bad. Friends referred to my own wedding as "a production" because of my mother and Tony, but they need to check out the bridesmaid dresses from this movie. Makes me wish I knew someone getting married in the near future...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cinderella- A girl wish

Yesterday morning I woke up to a new song called "Cinderella," by Steven Curtis Chapman. My husband is a great fan of his, me - not so much. However, this song is one of those... "you have to hear this song." What else can I say, other than... it's songs like this that make me wish I had a girl (it's just a fleeting thought, but still...).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Getting Old

So this weekend we went to L.A. for my husband's alumni baseball game. He was the oldest one there... which means we're now the older, of the old group. WOW. It was still fun, and I love life right now, just not sure I want to be "the oldest" in a group yet. I know, get over it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

Last year my purse was stolen so I had to go through the hassle of getting all my info in order to make sure my credit doesn't get messed up. In the process of doing that, I actually had to look at all my financial statements for a couple of months. (Yes, I'm one of "those people" that doesn't even balance her checkbook, much less look at monthly statements. Who has time for that?) Anyway, in the process of looking over my Am. Express bill (a novel concept, I know), I discovered a couple of charges that weren't ours. To make a very long, very frustrating story short... we discovered that we couldn't "prove" that they were not our charges, so we are "basically, out of luck." Ok. Maybe the first month, but what about the following 19 months? What a JOKE! We've been phoning, emailing, and faxing information to every person we get passed off to, for the last 20 months; and now we're told that "too much time has transpired" for them to credit back our account. You've got to be kidding me! Mind you, these are recurring monthly charges, so at the very least we've been asking them to stop charging our account. Oh no, not only have the charges continued (because no one can seem to find out where they originated from), we are still responsible for almost 2 years of charges! How hard can it be? I mean, really. Is this just my bad luck, or does this happen all the time?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Love My Job

I have the best job in the world! Not many people can say they love their jobs, and I know I'm blessed. Tuesday was my first day back in class, and I was greeted with the enthusiastic hugs and smiles of 20 six-year-olds who were happy to see me (unlike my own boys' reaction, who were more sad to see their cousins and auntie M go home than they were happy to see us back - go figure-- except of course, my baby). Every year I get way too attached to these kids; but it's hard to not get "too involved." I'm a lot better than I used to be, much to my husband's relief. I don't cry nearly as much in my frustration of not being able to fix many of their circumstances. When I hear their heartbreaking stories now, I've accepted that sometimes - all I really can do is give them a hug and a smile; and then I remember that that's probably the only one that they'll get that day. I also remind myself that that's what they do for me every day - and just how much I LOVE IT. One of my "favorite" kids told me today that he's moving and I'm really bummed about it. He's going to Oakland and "it's dangerous there. My auntie got shot there, but she's not dead; so we're moving back." He's "only a little scared to go there" -- I can't imagine why. These kids have seen so much, have lived through more in their short lives than I could have ever dreamed of before working there. I wonder why God chose me to be born into the great family that I'm in. Why am I so blessed? I'll never really know down here, but it's going to be one of my first questions to Him when I see. Until then, I'm eternally grateful - and pray my boys will grow up feeling as blessed as I do.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When all is said and done... sisters are one of God's ways of displaying his love for us!
LOVE YA SIS- And not just because you watched all 4boys - while we were on vacation.
Is this photo ... so ....70's YIKES!
EEEAAAshhhh ... that's bad.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Can't It Just Be Summer Yet?

Mo Town weather... bites!
So we just got back from a week in Cabo and another week in Hawaii, without our 4 boys. WOWZZA.... I promised them there would be NO more vacations without them for a VERY long time; because I can hardly stand life without them (for that long anyway)! Every time we saw a whale, I wanted to share it with them; every time we passed something I knew one of them would like... I missed them even more. Kinda GEEE. My 10 year-old barely noticed we were gone, but my 6-year-old was smart enough to make me at least think that he really missed me (He's good for my ego, the other 3 - not so much). The middle 2 boys apparently only missed us when auntie M made them turn off the new video games, so that's good, or not. Now we're back to the "cold" reality of life in Modesto; supposedly rested and ready to take on the new year. So far, so good. Except... my luggage has still not been found, I'm starting to peel from getting too much sun (yes, I know I'm too old to lay out, but what's a few more wrinkles in the grand scheme of things?), and... Joy of all Joy- I got on my scale when I got home after a few weeks of blissful denial and.... Holy Sheep Mucky (Can I say that?), how in the world?????? Nothing like adding another New Year's Resolution to the list eh... 2008... it's gonna be great!