Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just One More...

Tony has always wanted a little girl... and EVERYONE who knows him... knows that. But unlike him, it's a passing thought for me. I really only wish that we had one when I'm out shopping, or when a great song comes out, or when I think; maybe, just maybe... we could have Just One More because some &#(%*%$ people really do NOT DESERVE TO BE PARENTS! I mean... they don't even deserve to inhale oxygen to sustain their own lives... much less anything else.

I had to fill out more paper work on a little girl (one of 7 children in this particular family) because ... she NEEDS TO BE PULLED OUT OF THE HELL she currently lives in.

Mind you, her "biological" DNA donors are already in jail for their last"great parenting efforts." But what does our great system do, put them with "relatives"... who continue the abuse. So now, the children are split between "other relatives," where the neglect is so profound... they make the DNA donors look like the 'lesser of 2 evils.' WHY is that? Is that really the best we can do?

I know you can't save them all... but in this case... I really would just like to have "one more." But that's not even good enough because there's 4 older kids (3 in another town), this girl's twin sister, and a young toddler who also DESERVES TO GET OUT OF THE HELL THEY LIVE IN...

Tony get's frustrated because I can't just let it go... I just don't know how!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Last weekend we celebrated my mom's 21st birthday... again. It was SO fun because I think it was the first time that all of the parents, and all of "the cousins" and our kids have been together. Good job dad, that was an out of the park gift!

The night ended with everyone sharing a special memory or thought about mom. Well, not every one ... because not all of us can do that without blubbering.

So here you go mom:

There are a million great memories and reasons that I love AND cherish you mom... but here's my top 10:

  • I love your unconditional love, loyalty, and devotion to God, Dad, and our family.
  • I love that I have you as a great example of the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • I love that I have so many great childhood memories... from red toast for V-day, to green summers at Hume Lake... and so many, many more.
  • I love you for being the best Nana our kids could ever dream of.
  • I love you for your willingness to help any of us, at any time, regardless of circumstances.
  • I love you because you are as gentle and kind with my kids as you were to me growing up.
  • I love that you are THE most generous person on the planet.
  • I love that you sacrificed so much for us kids to go to private schools, especially TMC because, next to being blessed to be your daughter, that really was the best thing that could have ever happened to me- Just ask Tony.
  • I love you because you are patient and wise.

Nuts... That's already 10 and I didn't even say how much I love that you are such a FANTASTIC friend... but - I have to say that... because it's one of my favorites!

SO... I love you mom! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Monday, February 25, 2008

This Is What Yummy Looks Like....

I have many talents- well, not so much - but if I thought really, really hard- I'm sure I could think of a few. The one talent I wish I had more of ... is cooking. Now, all my boys enjoy my cooking, but they're not very picky - so that's not saying a whole lot. On the rare occasions that I do cook, I generally stick to the "oldies, but goodies." More often than not, we just go out for dinner. It's so much faster... and easier.

It's not that I don't like cooking, I actually do enjoy it when I have the time. (Partly because when I cook, it usually looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen and it takes Tony forever to clean it up. His grandfather taught him well: "she" does the cooking, "he" does the cleaning up ... that way "he" gets to do more "eating.")

I found some really cool recipes on a blog that I just had to try. Of course, I had to go shopping and buy a ton of ingredients yesterday because I didn't have most of them. But, I was excited to try them, so BEFORE the sun rose this morning... I tumbled down the stairs to get started. Let me just say, to get me: "Ms. I am Not-A-Morning-Person" out of bed at this UNGODLY hour, was in-and-of- itself... nothing short of a miracle! (Just a side note, I learned this morning that if God wanted me to actually 'see' the sun rise ever again, He'd have to make it much later in the day, because getting up early is NOT MY THING! I'm definitely a sunset girl! NO surprise there) But anyway...

5 hours later... I remembered why smart people just buy their Cinnamon roles. I'm not even kidding you, it was 10:30 before these "starving" guys got to finally "dig in." I will say this, they woke up to 'a great smell'... but we had to wait 2 more times for the "fast-acting" bread to rise (and another thing -- that is so... not, "fast" acting yeast. Fast is ... well, faster than an hour.- just ask my boys. Impatient little things... Yes, they get that from their mother and we're working on it)

But... check these out- they were YUMMY! And since I had to wait 3 times for the bread to rise for 30 to 60 minutes each time, and I never waste time, I went ahead and made another chicken dinner and twice baked potatoes for later.

So... I've got some happy boys! It takes so little these days- life is good.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Tony and I usually look forward to doing our taxes because... we're not very smart with our money so we usually get a "refund." I know that's not smart, because it's like giving the IRS an interest free loan with our money, but it's what we've done for the last 14 years. We've always gotten thousands of dollars back every year (having babies several years in a row helps), and we're always excited about "what we'll do with it."

This year we made about $20K more than last, so I was really worried that we might have to "pay" money instead of looking forward to our refund. Good news... we're getting $$$ back! Even more than last year!!! Yippee!

Now, what to do... what to do??? Pay bills, finish incomplete projects around the house (we're not getting that much folks), save for the kids 12% tuition increase next year that we SO can not afford, but will pay anyway, or.... buy the stuff I REALLY, REALLY want. Important stuff - like new yard furniture (we do host a zillion summer parties for baseball, school, and friends) or.... a new dining room table - we'd host more dinner parties if I wasn't so embarrassed about my chairs falling apart - literally. Or we could get a new sofa and coffee tables that don't have pencil, drum or crayon marks all over them! oooohhhh.... choices, choices! What to do, what to do???

It's nice to dream... but we'll probably just pay bills! How boring is that!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bubble Bliss

My better-half showed up to my school today to bring me lunch. He found me in the principal's office suspending (again) one of my students. Knowing that we'd miss our chance to have lunch together; he rolled his eyes, gave me a kiss, and left me to complete the paperwork (I HATE paperwork people!) When I got home from picking up the boys from school, dinner was in the crock pot, right next to beautiful roses and a "sappy note" promising a super long bubble-bath. Yep... he's THAT good to me. And yes boys, a bubble bath does "all that!" Thanks Babe!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy B-day

Happy Birthday Son!

You have been such a blessing to your daddy and I. We're so proud of the the young man you are becoming. Thanks for being so patient with us, as we try to figure out this thing called "parenting." We love you LOTS. Hope you have a fantastic day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Doctor Who? WHHHHHAT?

I've seen several doctors and specialists since I got married. Many of those experiences, both good and bad, have defined who I am as a mother and wife. After years of hearing, "I don't know, try these pills for now, and let me refer you to Dr. So-&-So to see if he can help," I finally got out of "doctor referral limbo hell" and found a fantastic doctor!!! A few years ago, things were looking pretty bad. I had waited weeks for this particular referral to go through, and then several more weeks before I finally got an appointment (Good doctors are hard to find, they're even harder to get in to see when you do find them because there's only so many hours in a day). He was an awesome doctor who actually spent more than 5 minutes with me on my initial visit (what a concept!) It was well worth the wait. He went over my health history, listened to me, and then told me we needed to fix the problem and not just treat the symptoms (what a difference)! This particular doctor did several "corrective" surgeries and an "experimental tissue transplant" surgery on different internal organs where they found various size growths. My kidneys were shutting down, but the last 2 surgeries have been considered a huge success and PTL, things are good for now! When things are good, don't make any changes people! It's all good for now. I know it's temporary, most things are. But for now, it's working... and working well! NO CHANGES NEEDED -Thank you very much!

BUT... This week I recieved a letter in the mail saying that Dr. Wonderful is moving out of state. How's that for change? "His current patients will now be seen by Dr. X or Z, and your medical records have already been conveniently sent over to the new doctors' office so I can expect a call to set up my appointment some time next week." Hold on... Back up...


Please, please no! No appointment needed or wanted with either of those crappy doctors thank you ... not so much!!! Dr. X is the idiot who told me I'd never be able to have children (yeah, 7 pregnancies later...) yada, yada. (Hell will freeze over before I go to him again!) Even more disheartening... Dr. Z is the 'lovely' Female Doctor who told me that I needed to "end my 7th month pregnancy immediately" because the "present tumor" was attached to the "the base of the fetus' head." Now, this was my pregnancy with Kyle (my oldest), so at that point I thought he would be my "one and only" because it was 'such' a "miracle he'd survived even that long." When I refused to abort "the miracle child," she told us that even if the "fetus" survived, I 'probably' wouldn't. Circumstances don't change true convictions, so I still refused to abort that day (The doctors and specialists had all been wrong for 7 months, each of thier 'professional medical opinions' varied to extremes. By then I figured the baby had a great chance of surviving an early delivery, and I wouldn't make decisions based solely on 'possibly this or and probably that'). Dr. Z (Mrs. " the most uncompassionate, insensative human being on the planet) was absolutely furious, so she called my better-half into her office "so I could get dressed in private and have a moment to get my emotions under control; and then hopefully make the right decision." Yeah, she actually said that... and I clearly remember thinking, "Yes. Yes, I do believe in murder." Immediately followed by, "Why in the world... How in the world, can she be a doctor."

While I was supposedly getting dressed to make 'the right decision,' she asked my heart-broken, emotionally numb husband if he would be willing to raise a "possibly brain-dead, or retarded child" ...alone (how do you like that for being dramatic). Because, you know Mr. M, if you're not, you really need to convince "that emotional woman in the other room" that this decision needed to be made "before the tumor ruptured and he'd have to suffer the consequences for the rest of his life." She also reminded him that I was "too hormonal to make a logical decision" and that he needed to be a "good, supportive husband and work with her" so that "she could help us." Who the heck needs help like that????

Well... I swore I'd never returned to Dr. Z's office again, and that certainly hasn't changed! It won't change... ever, ever, never.

Ironic timing this letter... in three days that perfectly healthy "miracle child" will have another birthday, thanks to not listening to Dr. Z's professional medical opinion. Don't get me wrong, I had a few "issues," but thankfully Kyle doesn't. And contrary to "professional, medical opinions," I have 4 boys to remind me that doctors aren't god. I'm also reminded with every surgery, past or future, that we take the good with the bad. However, as far as I know, Hell hasn't frozen over yet, so I won't be entrusting my imperfect self to either Dr. Y or Z. in this here life time!

SO... I gladly go back to "doctor hunting in medical referral insurance hell" because; well, really... would anyone go to Dr. X or Z? Didn't think so. But, oh... I'm gonna miss my doctor.

Love Of A Lifetime...

At 18 years old I went away to college and discovered the love of my life. It definitely didn't start off that way; it took me several years to "get on board" with that plan. But, Tony... thanks for not giving me up, and endulging me in so many things! I wanted to write some wonderfully clever tribute to you for Valentine's Day, but I don't know where to begin. There are so many reason's I love you... How do you put 17 years into words??? I don't know... but here's what I do know:

I love you... so much! I love you for being my anchor through the storms of life. I love you for being the father that I knew you would be. I love you for doing ALL our laundry for the last 17 years (yes, we've only been married for 14 but since you started doing my laundry in college, and never stopped - I think I should of married you for that reason alone)! I love you for doing all the housework (I'm SOOO "over" being hurt that you don't let me do it all). I love you for bringing me breakfast in bed, even though I'm trying to diet. I love you for making the boys lunches every day, even though I think it's crazy you make 4 different kinds of sandwiches. I love you for running bubble baths for me, and making "sure the candles are lit." I love you for coming to my class to run races with the kids for P.E. when you really don't have time, and never giving me a hard time about all the money I spend on my students. I love your generous and kind spirit. I love you for being determined to make our relationship work, when nearly everyone thought we shouldn't be together because of our backgrounds. I love you for being the leader in our home. I love you for wanting the best for me and the boys. I love you for loving my family so much. I love you for letting me "have my moments." I love you for trusting me. I love you for forgiving me for all the times I've let past experiences distort my perception of how things are now. I love you for standing beside me in difficult decisions with the boys. I love you so much for taking care of everything through all my surgeries. I love you for all you've given up. I love you for your determination to be a better person, and wanting the same for me. I love you for being the best friend I have. I love you for calling me a dozen times a day to remind me how much you love me, even though we "just talked" 2 minutes ago. I love you for not be jealous, possessive, or demanding. I love you for being the hopeless romantic. I love you for the great letters that you write to me and the boys all the time. I love you for crawling out on the roof in your undies, in the cold wind and rain, to cut down branches that are keeping me awake. I love you for not "keeping score" in our marriage. I love you for not getting mad when I forget your "exact" birthday (I'm only off by a day). I love you for making me laugh. I love you for trying not to embarrass me... even though it takes SO little. I love you for being understanding. I love you for not caring what other people think. I love you for your silly heart. I love you for your willingness to help any friend, at any time. I love you for buying me shoes that I don't need, just because you know I'll like them. I love you for thinking I deserve so much better more I really do. I love you for working so hard. I love you for being such a great example for the boys. And, I love you for a million other things you do...

Happy Valentine's Day... I love you .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No... No.... No

"No, you can't hold his gun."

"No, you can't see the pepper spray."

"No, you can't go for a ride."

"No, you can't have his hand-cuffs."

"NOOO, you can not try the taser gun on each other (but that might be a good idea for another day.)"

"But.... MMMMom"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All Four

I love the days that they get along and act
like they're best friends.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy B-day Nana

Today would have been my grandmother's birthday... I know you miss her too mom! She'd have been so proud of you and dad. Not just for all you two were as teenagers, but for all that you have become! She's smiling with the angels... what a legacy.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Forever Friends

Last night we went to dinner with a guy that I grew up with, and I was reminded how fortunate I've been to have such long-lasting friendships. In high school, I spent as much (if not more) time with this guy than anyone else. We'd spend hours talking about his ditzy dates and listening to music in his truck (so of course, I pulled out my ipod and had him listen to Cinderella for his 3-year-old girl). It was a great relationship- He made me laugh, and I got him out of all sorts of trouble because his dad loved me! (I love him too- He's the one who finally convinced my daddy to let me go away to college!) My boys think he's cool because he's a motor cycle cop and tells them great stories that he probably shouldn't. My husband likes him because he gets to hear stories about me that are usually NOT true, but they do make me laugh... sometimes. Funny how people remember things after 20 years... LOL S... even if you've never heard of Jeff Dunham or itunes-- good grief dude!

Friday, February 8, 2008

thanks mom

oh, yeah... Here's the shoe that did me in for the night! Pretty huh? You can never have too many black heels!

Shoes, or Not shoes

I was unusually late to work the other day ("unusually" because I'm always late, just not that late), so I slipped on some shoes without socks and ran out the door. By morning recess, I knew I was in trouble. I took my shoes off while I was in class, but it was raining that day so I had to put them on several times throughout the day for one reason or another. By lunch time, I had impressive blisters on both baby toes. By the time I picked up my kids from school at 3:00... holy cow! I was dying... To fully appreciate how stupid this is, you have to understand that I have LOTS of shoes. Like, an embarrassing number of shoes. So many shoes that my boys complain about the fact that my closet is bigger than their bedrooms. And it's a running joke at work that "I never wear the same pair of shoes twice." It's something that I inherited from my mother, and so she always takes me shopping for my b-day and we of course get... shoes. How many shoes I get, is usually in some way related to how old I am (thus the reason I need a big closet- cuz I've had quite a few b-days in my time). So, in keeping with tradition, last night we go shopping. I'll endure almost anything to get new shoes, so when mom noticed me limping, I assured her I was just fine because there's no way I'm missing out on shoe shopping. However, we finally had to give up since my feet hurt so bad, and I walked out of Macy's in socks because I couldn't get the shoes I'd worn back on without popping the blisters. SO... these are the cool "shoes" I wore to school today (and Friday's are my day's for Yard-duty, so I was SO glad it didn't rain). My first-graders thought they were the greatest shoes ever! However, when my principal walked into my class today to tell me the good news about our school just winning "California Distinguished School Award"... she looks down at my feet and says, "Where are your shoes?" To which I answered, "These are shoes my mom bought me, aren't they cute?" She replied, "But those aren't shoes." To which I responded, "They have soles on the bottom." Hmmm... what do you think?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy B-day

Happy Birthday to me... I'm so excited! My better half got me the phone I wanted, and he shouldn't have... but-ohhh, I'm so glad he did. I'll never figure out how to use all the doohickies... but I can video, photo, and email...and most importantly- I can keep track of all 7 seasons worth of baseball practices and games that are starting next week! Yippee, for me. And yes, I can count (not well, but count nevertheless). While I only have 4 boys, 2 of the 4 will be playing on 2 teams, + we have to go to all of my nephew's games because... how else are we going to spend our free time? Did I mention Tony is coaching too? So, yes... I need the phone. Thanks Hon... I love you! Just think, for my next birthday... I'll have been with you exactly half my life! Wow, at 18 I didn't think 36 would sound so... old. Hmmm, how's that for perspecitive?

report cards

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hate report cards!!!
When I was a kid, I hated report card time because it usually put my parents in a bad mood. My grades were fine, but it only takes one bad report card in a family to ruin it for everyone. I remember thinking that that was incredibly unfair, so I filed it under the "When I'm a parent, I won't do that" category (didn't everyone make one of those growing up?). Well... yesterday was the big day at our house; and I realized (again) that I hate report cards. They weren't necessarily "bad" report cards either, they just weren't great; and if I'm going to pay over $2000 every month in tuition - I want great! Ironically, the son who struggles the most, got fantastic academic grades; but his behavior marks weren't so good -- And I'm much more interested in a "good kid, than a smart kid." 2 of the other reports were OK, sorta. Again, the behavior marks were pretty embarrassing. But my brightest, gifted child - while he's still on the "honor roll;" he went down in EVERY SINGLE subject. So, tonight for dinner I'm cooking (which in and of itself is a big deal)... we're having steaks, veggies, their favorite gourmet potatoes, peaches with peanut butter, bread and soda to wash it all down (which is a BIG deal since they can only have soda on Saturdays usually), and I'll make sure I'm not in a bad mood... even though... I'm in a pretty bad mood because - I hate report cards; and by God, they better do better next semester!
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

super bowl - a great day to shop

One of the best days to shop... Super Bowl Sunday! 6 pairs of shoes later, plus a few boots for an early b-day gift to myself; and I'm just as excited as the boys about the super bowl! Go Manning! And the boys are right... cheating always catches up with you. Whatever that means.