Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

Colton and Caden started school last week... ( doncha love my pix from the new camera.. I DO!)And we're so excited for how well they're both doing... Then Kyle started Jr. High yesterday... (this is him making fun of mommy) nice hugh?

and as long as he's with his buddy, he's loving life...
Then there's AJ and Mommy...
doing the "home schooling" thing.

AJ is LOVING life, maybe because he's getting away with murder!!!

This is "scrapping 101" ... as in - our new "writing curriculum" for the year So, I had him go pick out some scrapping supplies...

And then of course, here is his DARLING tutor... who took him "bowling" for PE today. Followed by starbucks and a trip to the library to do some "stuff."
And today was my first day of school with my students... SO I am EXHAUSTED!!!

But... I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE my class, so that's ok!

Except that today is also...

TONY's Birthday!!

yeah... we'll have to get to celebrating that this weekend... when we have a chance to come up for air because it's a 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!


By then, I'm hoping I'll be able to do more than just text my hubby a "happy b-day," don't be late for football," "no I don't want anything from the drive thru for dinner" message on his phone.

wow... that even sounds worse than it felt when we we're living it out today; but there are times when I'm thankful for the fact that he's not the "sensitive" type; because let me just say, if this was how my birthday went... there'd be trouble in paradise... followed by an ever-so-large shoe shopping spree (hmmm, maybe not a bad thing???)

But... life is good! Crazy.... but good!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally Dancin' With the Angels

We got the first call last night that my "great" uncle was in the hospital because he'd just had a massive heart attack. I HATE late phone calls... it's never good news after midnight.

I personally think he was "already dancin' with the angels" when I arrived last night, but he continued on throughout the day with the help of life support; until just a few minutes ago. His body finally decided he'd had enough, and that he wanted to join the party in heaven.


It's hard not to be sad. My heart just feels heavy, and I'm tired of crying (maybe something to do with no sleep in 48 hours)... but I know he's finally in Heaven with Aunt Lucy(His first wife of 40+years), in a much better place.

He was a "great" uncle... for many reasons; but the thing I loved the most about him was his love for family; especially towards my mom. They had a very special relationship... and I pray that I'll be fortunate enough to maintain that kind of bond with my own sister's kids when we're that far along in our life's journey.

My uncle was a wonderful husband and father...

He loved to have a good time with all the kids...and his brilliant smile will be what I remember.
Since he was a fireman "back-in-the-day," he appointed himself the job of lighting all the fireworks for the fourth of July every year.

I'm truely going to miss him, especially in this hat!!

Friends: Life is short... live with no regrets!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Saran Wrap a Home Schoolin' Expenditure?

It's always funny to hear people's reaction after they ask me the infamous question:

Where will all your boys go to school this year?

Maybe it's because I'm a public school teacher...
Maybe it's because I'm nuts...

but when I tell people that Kyle is staying at his private school for Jr. High, and that the younger 2 will go to the new charter school, and that I'm going to home school AJ for fourth grade this year...

you'd think I've just walked outside naked, wrapped in saran wrap, sucking my thumb.

Because that's the response I get...


I may wind up wrapped in saran wrap sucking my thumb under some desk somewhere (I'm hoping to spare you all the naked part)... by the time it's all said and done---

but I know it's only temporary...

and I know this is what's best for each of my boys individually...

So even though I wish they we're a little more "convenient" in terms of their collective needs... I'll just have to stay on my knees this year and pray that the boys have enough patience with me as we take this ride...

either way... it's gonna be an adventure!

And I really am excited about this year getting started (Provided it's colored saran wrap I end up in of course).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Beach Bums...

Back from bummin' it at the beach...

and even though we officially missed the "first football game of the season"...
it didn't feel like we missed much --because we just played our own game.

They played, while I tried to figure out the camera and stop wishing that we lived down there instead of up here!!!

Colton is such a Ham...
We had great seats at the Dodger game... even though they lost in extra innings.

AHHH... now it's back to school, and work, and doctor's appointments!!! urggghh

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Added Addictions

I have issues.
Surprising, I know... but I'm addicted to lots of things.

* spending time with my boys
* shoes
* music
* books
*scrap booking

and that's only some of the things I'm addicted to.

This summer I've added blogging and Facebook to my 'ever growing list of addictions'.

Today I've discovered another one...

a really huge one...

My FAVORITE one of the moment... is my new Nikon D60!!

I'm in L.O.V.E.

I mean, really in love, with this new toy!!!


is why I needed to watch 3 videos this afternoon (just to figure out how to turn it on)...
instead of getting my son ready for his baseball game (so he showed up to catch without his catcher's gear, with the wrong team shirt on--- but he's lucky I even got him there-- because that's really daddy's job since I'm supposed to be across town at football practice.)

and why my house may be falling down around me in the next few days....

and why my kids may not eat healthy food for the next several days...

and why I am in HOG HEAVEN...

and "ANOTHER REASON" why my husband is THE GREATEST!!!!

I finally got my camera... just in time to take some great photos when we go down to Newport beach tomorrow...

just in time for the Dodger game in LA we'll be at on Saturday.

just in time to take some fun football pictures this season.


as soon as I figure out how to use this wonderful new thing... I'll be back to blogging... with some cool pictures I hope!

I also need to nail down the details of our poor children's schooling for next year... preferrable before the first day of school on Monday...
so I might need to take some time to do that soon (since Tony can't be bothered with "stuff like that"... it's all about priorities Baby.

I also might want to consider working in my classroom sometime between now and ... say, tomorrow! Since I'm running out of opportunities to do my classroom before school starts next week. ahhh

I told you all I needed a longer summer break....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Need A Longer Summer Break

Everywhere I look, and everywhere I go - I'm being reminded that my summer vacation is ever so quickly coming to an end, and that school is starting... soon! Too stinkin' soon I tell ya!

I've been in denial for too long.

I've been avoiding the sale aisles for supplies, reading blogs rather than checking my work email, and generally trying not to think about all that needs to be done for me to get my classroom ready for school to start in a few days.

I'm just not ready for summer to end! My boys aren't ready either.

This summer has been great because I've felt like this year I was actually able to "vacation" during our summer break too. I've been able to enjoy time with them during the day, and still spend time doing things I enjoy at night. The boys have different friends sleep over all the time, and they go night swimming or play games all night... just having a good 'ole time. But reality is fast approaching.

That means less scrapping --
and no more staying up late since we can't sleep in --
less cooking (because I just won't have time to do recipes that require the bread to rise 3 times, or onions to soak in buttermilk for a couple of hours...)

It will mean less blogging too!

YIKES... My thoughts are that we had "better really enjoy this last week of vacation and live it up." Right??

But daddy thinks we need "to spend this week getting back into a school routine." You know, get them to bed early every night, wake them up early every morning so they can be ready to go by 8am.

He thinks this helps them "get ready to start school" so they're not too grouchy.

I think it just makes them grouchy... and ME GROUCHY... a week before we need to be grouchy!

But, since it's not "me" getting them up and ready at the crack of dawn (because I'll still be sleeping and enjoying my last week of vacation) ... I'll be ever-so sympathetic to my poor boys if their daddy does this to them.

I'll try to be understanding, and patient, and not get upset with all their whining... but I have a feeling... it's going to be a long week for me. I can tell already... because daddy is in there giving them a lecture right now about how important it is to "get back into school mode."

He's trying to explain...


Yep, I've got to go save my poor hubby! "His" boys... are now being referred to as "your mother's boys"... that's usually not good.


My long week is starting early.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Enough To Cry Over

Ever since I discovered Pioneer Woman and her Recipes... I've been cooking up a storm. I've already tried almost everything on her blog because my boys have LOVED her recipes (and I love the pictures) BUT... onions are not my thing.
I don't eat them, on ANYthing.... ever, ever, ever because I can't stand the smell of them, so I'm certainly not going to cry all over myself to cut them up for onion rings.

But, when she posted her recipe for them on her blog the other day; I knew it was going to be trouble because everyone in my house loves them!

Sure enough, Tony's been wanting onion rings... and he usually get what he wants... obviously!!!

Last week, I finally told him to buy the buttermilk and onions...(I'm thinking it was in a very sweet, loving tone too--- but I can't be sure)

He did.

Then I continued to put him off for so long, the milk went bad! Yeah for me!!!


I came home to this the other day...
So...before Colton's football practice and AJ's 2 baseball games tonight... I finally made them their onion rings.

And look at poor AJ's pitiful face...

They ate them faster than I could toss them in the oil....

But daddy saved him one... Let me share one thing Ree doesn't tell you on her blog about these little treasures though... They MAKE YOUR WHOLE HOUSE STINK To HIGH HEAVEN... FOR HOURS!!! No joke.

Tony continues to think they're worth crying over, but now I'm crying too!

Good thing tonight was a double header and I was gone for 5 hours or I think I'd be staying at a hotel tonight... really, it's THAT bad. (but apparently I'm the only one who thinks so because they want me to make more tomorrow!)

hmmm, we'll have to see about that.

ps... Now, Pioneer's Black Heel Saga...THAT, is good enough to cry over, so go start reading if you're the romantic type!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Wonders

I love the weekends... especially the ones that I get to spend scrap booking down at Mom's store with my sister... while daddy and the boys get ready for another team party.

Ahhh... I love my life... even when it's chaotic and busy and I "don't do it all right."

Anyway... while I was off playing at Oh For The Memories, the world's best daddy was making personalized gift bags for his All Stars...

This was not only a talented group of boys... but they were also just a great group of boys!

AJ... is SUCH a mini TONY... and sometimes; I just love that about him!!!

While Tony gave out bags and told each player how wonderful they were... a few of the brothers went to the other side of the yard to shoot hoops and bounce on the trampoline.

(They've apparently heard enough times how great their brothers are, so they didn't feel the need to stick around once the cake was gone. hmmm)
And then... they go right back to beating the life out of each other in the pool with those dumb pool sticks! Whoever thought of those things... either didn't have boys, or... wanted to see just how many times someone could be whacked before... RETALIATION.

How many kids does it take to push Tony in the pool??

Getting thrown around was fun...
But then Andrew wanted a TURN too !!

"Throw me, higher, HIGHER!"

I said "HIGHER"
Notice the 8 foot slide and fence, and him HIGHER than both of them... that would be Tony throwing him... a "little higher" before I finally say... "OK, I got it on film this time."

Yep... It was a great weekend! Now I've got to go make an ice pack for Tony's shoulder because he can hardly lift his arm. (But thanks for the photo's babe... 2p.m. to 11 p.m. we can end the party now).
ps... Now I NEED to get to bed because I have to get up early. I have to go see the surgeon again tomorrow for another lump. It's only in my wrist, but it's a little bit different because this one is getting big really fast... and it hurts like a HUM-DINGER.