Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Hair Day

You know how there's those people who say, "What do you think about my hair?" when they already KNOW it looks great, but they just want a compliment?

OK... That's not me. Granted, I didn't know just HOW bad it was until tonight... thanks sis! My hair is so thick I can usually twist it, roll it, or clip it so that you can't really tell if something is a little off. But, it appears that would not be true with a bad color job.

I've been super busy lately, so I haven't had and extra 5 hours to get my highlights redone. Since I have really long thick hair, that's about how long I'll have to spend to put high lights in my hair - but it's not unusual to be at the salon for more than 6 hours. No problem, I'll just color it for now, and in a few weeks when all the baseball games are over, I'll go spend the day at the spa. Right? Apparently NOT!

The first attempt to color my hair was bad... but my attempt to fix it was REALLY bad I guess!

It went from "too much blond" with dark roots, to "too much brown" to "WHAT THE HECK MADE YOU DECIDE TO GO RED?" And my personal favorite from son #3 "Does Nana know you did that yet?"

Red? It's not really red... it's more of a burnt, ugly orange color. I kid you not! And no, I don't have pictures- but I should take one and post it with a "note to self- coloring your own hair isn't worth the time or money you save!"

After my lovely sister's comments tonight- I'm considering calling in a substitute for tomorrow and spending the day at the salon because honestly... this gives new meaning to having a "bad hair day."

The only good thing... I have matching baseball hats for all my boys' teams so I've been getting lots of use out of them.


Bad Momma said...
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Bad Momma said...

Sisters can be brutal; they go right for the jugular!
Going to the salon get be costly; until recently I would use temporary or semi-permanent dye to color my hair. ( Now I need permanent to cover the grey ). It takes a few times to find the right color.
Don't waste your sick days. Remember, your "condition" is only temporary and your audience is made up of first graders. With names like Juanna Margarita!

Kristen said...

So sorry to hear that your hair is giving you issues when you don't have an extra minute to spare.

This is the girl who used to call in a sub so I could shampoo my carpets on a Tuesday, so I think a salon day would be more than worth the day off.

But, if not, I am sure that you look fabulous in hats! :-)

Cara said...

Been there, done that. Right before my brothers wedding I dyed my hair at home (huge mistake). My hairdresser MIL was out of town so I bought an over the counter hair color remover and then re-dyed my hair. I swear it turn out a deep purple color. Lets just say my hair went with the bridemaid dress.

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Please a picture... just for the memory! One day you'll laugh - right?

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

gotta love those ball caps! :)

ps. i'd love to see a picture...

4funboys said...

NO- Really, you don't want to see it, b.c it's THAT bad!

And... did you know that if you keep coloring over your bad coloring... you're hair starts to break off in mass amounts in your sink when you're getting ready in the morning... and then your sink clogs up! YEP- I've learned well my friends.

SO... I'm getting a sub TOMORROW!

yeah for me!

sarah said...

wow! that's quite the ordeal!

maybe we can see an aftershot at least;)

i bet you really juanna margarita now, huh ;)

Jenny said...

Oh Rachel. You'd look gorgeous bald. And I have a lot of experience with the funky color jobs. I don't even know what my real hair color is right now! Dark blonde? Light brown?

McMommy said...

Good luck with Project Hair Restoration!!
Bring some good reading material...it sounds like you may be there awhile! :)

Tammy said...

Very funny! I know what you are talking about. I think ever busy mom does. I haven't had my hair dyed or cut in almost a year! I now dye it myself. As I say from the box. I have to much gray not to do anything. I really perfer the salon look. What did your first graders have to say?