Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is that Red?

Yes... That would be red... and No, I obviously haven't had time to fix it yet. But, since I had a few consecutive hours without baseball today... and I was thinking about this:

So I thought I'd go in my closet and check out red party shoes... because there are a lot of different shades of red!
and since we're here in my closet (which used to be my oldest son's bedroom a few months ago)... here's some more shoes that I love.

and in the other corner of the room we have some more red ones too... and room for jeans.

Now... my boys and I debated today about the notion that one can have too many jeans. I tried to explain that girls have their slim jeans, their fat jeans, and their "I want to get back into these jeans"... to which my boys replied... Mom- they look all the same to us! Hmph-

My boys are well versed in the fact that girls can never, ever, ever ... have too many shoes! I'm thinking their wives will love me for that.

Now look closely... Do you see it? Do you see that poor empty space there in the middle? Begging to be filled... and loved... like the others?

AHHHHHHH I was so excited because I'm committed to not buying any more shoes until I have room for them. That means I'd have to throw some away- and I just can't bring myself to part with any of them. Thinking I was finally all done, and trying to decide if I wanted to get some heels or sandals, I went down stairs and discovered several shoes that needed to be put away. DARN... I guess I won't be getting a new pair of shoes tomorrow after all!

But... I think I know which pair of party shoes I'm choosing for McMommy tomorrow!


Kristen said...

Oh I am loving your closet!

Loving IT! The organizational freak in me, needs to copy that!

duchess said...

Awesome closet.
I'm jealous.
I haven't found my party shoes yet - can I borrow a pair of yours?

Angela said...

Oh my- is that really your closet!??! You DO have a ton of shoes! My daughter would have the time of her life in your closet!

And- by the way- you have a beautiful family :)

Super B's Mom said...

O.M.G. I have closet envy.

I seriously have like 5 pair of shoes. And I only wear maybe three pair of them...

3boys247 said...

Did your son get kicked to the couch to make room for the shoes or did he trade up to a cool new bedroom?

Leave the red hair, find the red party shoes. I'll see you at McMommy's birthday bash.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Another mom of boys!! Hooray!! Your blog is great. :) Come by and visit me at my blog and say hello. I found you on HipMomofBoyz blog. I actually got to meet her at a baseball tournament a few weekends ago. I have a post about it. :) ~Jill

Anonymous said...

So stinkin cute!! i love Mommies of boyz!!!! Thanks for visitng me!! I love how orgainzed you are? Are you a virgo??? I had a great time visiting you!!! I'll be back!!

Julie Westfall said...

I can't believe that your blog is so huge, you are convicting me that I need to be writing! And the number two thing I can't believe is that crazy, big closet.... I always knew you had a lot of shoes but seeing it is actually surprising. Thanks for all the nice things you said about my Sammers, he really is the sweetest kid!

McMommy said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground......


Huge, "will you marry me" type of love!

I'm thinking you are going to be one of the people at my party who's going to have to change shoes throughout the a celebrity...because how are you going to pick just one pair???

p.s. I love the "Lucy Ricardo" hair!!!

Jenny said...

What the f$&*????????? Are you secretly J LO or something and you're posing as a civilian??? GOOD GRIEF WOMAN! Ok...let me compose myself.
Now, I actually like the hair color!!!
Now go away.

Bad Momma said...

Hair color looks great! The closet-OMG! Love the vertical space. How many pairs of shoes do you own??? I thought I had a lot. I suddenly feel the need to clean out my closet... o.k., the feeling passed....Whew!

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Holy smokes! That's a lot of shoes!

Lovin' the hair - very cute!

Shanan Strange said...

Love it! A woman after my own heart.. Love your blog and I plan on stopping by frequently.