Saturday, May 17, 2008

To School, or Not to THAT School???

Last night was open house for the boys, and I usually love to go; but last night I only went by sheer force of will because I'm just so tired. But we went, and I was disappointed in having made the effort because most of the work on display for the night was more "parent displays" than work "my boys had done." I've mentioned before my 'love' of parent projects, and am admittedly biased against them. But last night was ridiculous! You should have seen some of the work that some of these parents did! WOW, it was amazing, incredible... over the top in the extreme (And 'we' would definitely not be in that group). Let's see, there was the science fair projects "we did"- and the Whale diorama "we did" - and the Farmers community "we did"... etc-- some of the stuff displayed was truly amazing... but let's face it-- I can assure you that 99% of what we saw at open house was NOT done by 8,9 and 10 year olds! Weather displays with little pullys that drop dry ice in containers to show fog... ummm- it was REALLY cool, but... when the kids aren't even allowed to touch the stuff, pretty good indication that he wasn't allowed to participate in completing most of the project.

Either way, Tony and I oohed, and ahhhed at all the appropriate times... and patted them on the backs and told them all how proud we are of how hard they've worked this year... and then Kyle, in all his infinite wisdom- says : "Mom, that was just like a show the teachers have to put on. It's more like a competition for the parents to see who did the most work and spent the most money on all the projects they made us do throughout the year.

(Yep.... entirely too smart for his own good - that one!)

We helped a little on these projects, but I've told all the boys..."I've already had the opportunity to learn all this stuff, and I love you too much to rob you of the opportunity to experience this fantastic educational experience... so it's up to you to earn the grade you want because we're not doing it for you! (Which is code for "I already passed 3,4,5 grade - now it's your turn because I didn't much care for it the first time I had to do it- and I'm certainly not going to do it again. You're on your own kid")

Anyway... I will say this for Open House - what it REALLY means is:

School is almost done and Summer Vacation will be here in 12 day!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Hipmomofboyz said...

I just love parent projects, too. When you look at a kids project and you just know there is no way the "kid" had anything to do with it....ha,ha.
What makes me even madder is the teachers that give not 1 but 2 projects when we only have 12 days of school left. Are you kidding me? Did they just forget to give the projects and are feeling like they have to squeeze them in before the last day of school. I just want to let them know that we are already in summer mode and summer mode has no projects. o.k. Now that I have vented I feel better....

Wendi said...

I just got on my soap box
about "parent projects" in a recent post. I hate all these last minute projects "we" are given. I am with you...the kids should definitely do the projects, but sometimes the projects are so complex or require so much time, I have to step in to help. I make sure the kids do the majority of the project, but they definitely get some "guidance" from me! I love your answer that you have already been in school and you don't want to do it again...brilliant!
Thanks for stopping by my recipe blog(which is still under construction)...that recipe really is delicious and sooo easy! Enjoy!

Kristen said...

Open Houses...I didn't really care for them as a teacher either. But, I taught High School History, and was lucky to have 4 parents show up. UGH!

At least you went with the boys, and yes, it sounds like one of your dear children are just too smart for their own good. :)

I am super glad to hear that you are so close to the end of school, and maybe someday soon, the end of baseball. Then your Dear Husband can take you out to eat to your favorite restaurant without his baseball uniform on! :)

Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

I really like it now that my oldest son is in middle school (almost high school, yikes). He, and 3 classmates, had a Spanish class assignment on Panama. My only involvement was helping them use the iron-on transfers to make t-shirts and remind him it was his own fault his Panama Canal model wasn't working since he left it for the very last night before it was due. (No worry though -- he said their project was more elaborate than anyone else's.)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I love the wisdom of Kyle. I love when kids see through the bull. That is wonderful.

PS I love you blog.


Tammy said...

I so agree with you. I help with the buying of supply and some suport but it's their project. It's a learning thing right. I guess all those parent's want to back to school. My senior only has till Friday for school. I can't believe it. I'm not old enough to have a kid this old. He is so not ready for the world. I'm looking for to summer and no nagging about getting the boy's to do their homework. Oh that sounds so wonderful right now. Have a great 12 more days.