Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cinderella- A girl wish

Yesterday morning I woke up to a new song called "Cinderella," by Steven Curtis Chapman. My husband is a great fan of his, me - not so much. However, this song is one of those... "you have to hear this song." What else can I say, other than... it's songs like this that make me wish I had a girl (it's just a fleeting thought, but still...).


Jenny said...

I'm afraid...will it make me cry? I get choked up when I hear Miley & Billy Rae sing "Ready, Set, Don't Go" I'm not very good with these girl & daddy songs!!! By the way...why were you waking up to music BLARING???

4funboys said...

You have girls, so you won't cry... you'll love it! Listen to it... and let me know.

Blaring music ... because some days, my hubby knows that's what it will take to get me out of bed.