Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bubble Bliss

My better-half showed up to my school today to bring me lunch. He found me in the principal's office suspending (again) one of my students. Knowing that we'd miss our chance to have lunch together; he rolled his eyes, gave me a kiss, and left me to complete the paperwork (I HATE paperwork people!) When I got home from picking up the boys from school, dinner was in the crock pot, right next to beautiful roses and a "sappy note" promising a super long bubble-bath. Yep... he's THAT good to me. And yes boys, a bubble bath does "all that!" Thanks Babe!


Bad Momma said...

Wow!. dinner, flowers and a bubble bath! He's a keeper! Does Tony run a school for husbands?

I can't imagine how a first grader would get suspended, repeatedly???

Jenny said...

Wwwwooooowwwww. Dreamy. I agree with Bad Momma...does he run a school? I would enroll Erik in a heartbeat!

4funboys said...

Yes... he's a dream and my boys are learning well. Their wives are going to be lucky!

first graders... on the west side are tough cookies by age 6. It's in incredibly sad world of gangs, abuse and neglect. This particular kid shouldn't be in regular ed... his anger issues are beyond the scope of a classroom. However, getting through the process and paperwork takes A LOT time - and several suspensions. I'm seriously afraid for the other kids, not to mention the whole accademic piece that breaks down when he's having a "bad day." He's already seriously injured several kids (as in, sent them to the hospital for stitches or left marks that will scar with pencils or scissors) and I'm beginning to really believe that he "can't wait to see us dead." The other kids, street-wise as they are, are even afraid. And that, is SO not right.

The police, child protective services, and counselors have all stepped in... but "he has rights"- so we continue on with this dumb dance.

I've had some really hard cases before, but this is only the second time that I've actually been "afraid" of what a child might do.

UNBELIEVABLE to me how a child can be so messed up so young... If his parents weren't already serving time for creating this mess- I'd be tempted to haul thier sorry asses their myself. Jail is still too good of a place for them in my opinion, but... no one asked.

Bad Momma said...

Wow, the system really does suck, doesn't it. In the suburbs,the parents of injured students would file lawsuits.
It's a shame kids like this don't get the help they need. Hang in there!