Monday, February 25, 2008

This Is What Yummy Looks Like....

I have many talents- well, not so much - but if I thought really, really hard- I'm sure I could think of a few. The one talent I wish I had more of ... is cooking. Now, all my boys enjoy my cooking, but they're not very picky - so that's not saying a whole lot. On the rare occasions that I do cook, I generally stick to the "oldies, but goodies." More often than not, we just go out for dinner. It's so much faster... and easier.

It's not that I don't like cooking, I actually do enjoy it when I have the time. (Partly because when I cook, it usually looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen and it takes Tony forever to clean it up. His grandfather taught him well: "she" does the cooking, "he" does the cleaning up ... that way "he" gets to do more "eating.")

I found some really cool recipes on a blog that I just had to try. Of course, I had to go shopping and buy a ton of ingredients yesterday because I didn't have most of them. But, I was excited to try them, so BEFORE the sun rose this morning... I tumbled down the stairs to get started. Let me just say, to get me: "Ms. I am Not-A-Morning-Person" out of bed at this UNGODLY hour, was in-and-of- itself... nothing short of a miracle! (Just a side note, I learned this morning that if God wanted me to actually 'see' the sun rise ever again, He'd have to make it much later in the day, because getting up early is NOT MY THING! I'm definitely a sunset girl! NO surprise there) But anyway...

5 hours later... I remembered why smart people just buy their Cinnamon roles. I'm not even kidding you, it was 10:30 before these "starving" guys got to finally "dig in." I will say this, they woke up to 'a great smell'... but we had to wait 2 more times for the "fast-acting" bread to rise (and another thing -- that is so... not, "fast" acting yeast. Fast is ... well, faster than an hour.- just ask my boys. Impatient little things... Yes, they get that from their mother and we're working on it)

But... check these out- they were YUMMY! And since I had to wait 3 times for the bread to rise for 30 to 60 minutes each time, and I never waste time, I went ahead and made another chicken dinner and twice baked potatoes for later.

So... I've got some happy boys! It takes so little these days- life is good.

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Bad Momma said...

Wow! Impressive! Our Cinnamon Rolls come in a can.

Looks like you might have some extras. Feel free to send some our way!