Friday, February 15, 2008

Doctor Who? WHHHHHAT?

I've seen several doctors and specialists since I got married. Many of those experiences, both good and bad, have defined who I am as a mother and wife. After years of hearing, "I don't know, try these pills for now, and let me refer you to Dr. So-&-So to see if he can help," I finally got out of "doctor referral limbo hell" and found a fantastic doctor!!! A few years ago, things were looking pretty bad. I had waited weeks for this particular referral to go through, and then several more weeks before I finally got an appointment (Good doctors are hard to find, they're even harder to get in to see when you do find them because there's only so many hours in a day). He was an awesome doctor who actually spent more than 5 minutes with me on my initial visit (what a concept!) It was well worth the wait. He went over my health history, listened to me, and then told me we needed to fix the problem and not just treat the symptoms (what a difference)! This particular doctor did several "corrective" surgeries and an "experimental tissue transplant" surgery on different internal organs where they found various size growths. My kidneys were shutting down, but the last 2 surgeries have been considered a huge success and PTL, things are good for now! When things are good, don't make any changes people! It's all good for now. I know it's temporary, most things are. But for now, it's working... and working well! NO CHANGES NEEDED -Thank you very much!

BUT... This week I recieved a letter in the mail saying that Dr. Wonderful is moving out of state. How's that for change? "His current patients will now be seen by Dr. X or Z, and your medical records have already been conveniently sent over to the new doctors' office so I can expect a call to set up my appointment some time next week." Hold on... Back up...


Please, please no! No appointment needed or wanted with either of those crappy doctors thank you ... not so much!!! Dr. X is the idiot who told me I'd never be able to have children (yeah, 7 pregnancies later...) yada, yada. (Hell will freeze over before I go to him again!) Even more disheartening... Dr. Z is the 'lovely' Female Doctor who told me that I needed to "end my 7th month pregnancy immediately" because the "present tumor" was attached to the "the base of the fetus' head." Now, this was my pregnancy with Kyle (my oldest), so at that point I thought he would be my "one and only" because it was 'such' a "miracle he'd survived even that long." When I refused to abort "the miracle child," she told us that even if the "fetus" survived, I 'probably' wouldn't. Circumstances don't change true convictions, so I still refused to abort that day (The doctors and specialists had all been wrong for 7 months, each of thier 'professional medical opinions' varied to extremes. By then I figured the baby had a great chance of surviving an early delivery, and I wouldn't make decisions based solely on 'possibly this or and probably that'). Dr. Z (Mrs. " the most uncompassionate, insensative human being on the planet) was absolutely furious, so she called my better-half into her office "so I could get dressed in private and have a moment to get my emotions under control; and then hopefully make the right decision." Yeah, she actually said that... and I clearly remember thinking, "Yes. Yes, I do believe in murder." Immediately followed by, "Why in the world... How in the world, can she be a doctor."

While I was supposedly getting dressed to make 'the right decision,' she asked my heart-broken, emotionally numb husband if he would be willing to raise a "possibly brain-dead, or retarded child" ...alone (how do you like that for being dramatic). Because, you know Mr. M, if you're not, you really need to convince "that emotional woman in the other room" that this decision needed to be made "before the tumor ruptured and he'd have to suffer the consequences for the rest of his life." She also reminded him that I was "too hormonal to make a logical decision" and that he needed to be a "good, supportive husband and work with her" so that "she could help us." Who the heck needs help like that????

Well... I swore I'd never returned to Dr. Z's office again, and that certainly hasn't changed! It won't change... ever, ever, never.

Ironic timing this letter... in three days that perfectly healthy "miracle child" will have another birthday, thanks to not listening to Dr. Z's professional medical opinion. Don't get me wrong, I had a few "issues," but thankfully Kyle doesn't. And contrary to "professional, medical opinions," I have 4 boys to remind me that doctors aren't god. I'm also reminded with every surgery, past or future, that we take the good with the bad. However, as far as I know, Hell hasn't frozen over yet, so I won't be entrusting my imperfect self to either Dr. Y or Z. in this here life time!

SO... I gladly go back to "doctor hunting in medical referral insurance hell" because; well, really... would anyone go to Dr. X or Z? Didn't think so. But, oh... I'm gonna miss my doctor.


Anonymous said...! What a heartless [bleep] that female doctor was! Searching for a new doctor is a pain in the butt! I was spoiled, big time, by having the best family doctors (they were brothers) for a number of years. Since they moved out of the area, I've not been satisfied with any other doctors I've seen... I wish you the best of luck!

Jenny said...

Holy freakin moly. What a story. As far as I see it, you have one choice and one choice only. You must move with the doctor! Tell him he can only move to a house where the house next door is also for sale, and go for it!
On a serious about miracle children! I hope things go well for you and your health. Is this something chronic, or is it isolated instances?

Homegrown Tribe said...

Wow that's quite a story. And then you had 3 more children after this? God is amazing!

Thanks for stopping by our blog!


4funboys said...

Yes- I need luck finding a new doctor. No more miracle babies for us, but God blessed us for sure. I continue to grow masses where there ought not be anything growing - so I really need a nice doc!