Thursday, February 7, 2008

report cards

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hate report cards!!!
When I was a kid, I hated report card time because it usually put my parents in a bad mood. My grades were fine, but it only takes one bad report card in a family to ruin it for everyone. I remember thinking that that was incredibly unfair, so I filed it under the "When I'm a parent, I won't do that" category (didn't everyone make one of those growing up?). Well... yesterday was the big day at our house; and I realized (again) that I hate report cards. They weren't necessarily "bad" report cards either, they just weren't great; and if I'm going to pay over $2000 every month in tuition - I want great! Ironically, the son who struggles the most, got fantastic academic grades; but his behavior marks weren't so good -- And I'm much more interested in a "good kid, than a smart kid." 2 of the other reports were OK, sorta. Again, the behavior marks were pretty embarrassing. But my brightest, gifted child - while he's still on the "honor roll;" he went down in EVERY SINGLE subject. So, tonight for dinner I'm cooking (which in and of itself is a big deal)... we're having steaks, veggies, their favorite gourmet potatoes, peaches with peanut butter, bread and soda to wash it all down (which is a BIG deal since they can only have soda on Saturdays usually), and I'll make sure I'm not in a bad mood... even though... I'm in a pretty bad mood because - I hate report cards; and by God, they better do better next semester!
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