Friday, February 22, 2008


Tony and I usually look forward to doing our taxes because... we're not very smart with our money so we usually get a "refund." I know that's not smart, because it's like giving the IRS an interest free loan with our money, but it's what we've done for the last 14 years. We've always gotten thousands of dollars back every year (having babies several years in a row helps), and we're always excited about "what we'll do with it."

This year we made about $20K more than last, so I was really worried that we might have to "pay" money instead of looking forward to our refund. Good news... we're getting $$$ back! Even more than last year!!! Yippee!

Now, what to do... what to do??? Pay bills, finish incomplete projects around the house (we're not getting that much folks), save for the kids 12% tuition increase next year that we SO can not afford, but will pay anyway, or.... buy the stuff I REALLY, REALLY want. Important stuff - like new yard furniture (we do host a zillion summer parties for baseball, school, and friends) or.... a new dining room table - we'd host more dinner parties if I wasn't so embarrassed about my chairs falling apart - literally. Or we could get a new sofa and coffee tables that don't have pencil, drum or crayon marks all over them! oooohhhh.... choices, choices! What to do, what to do???

It's nice to dream... but we'll probably just pay bills! How boring is that!!!

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Jenny said...

Ooohhh! Money money money! Erik and I are NEVER responsible bill-payers at tax time. Go for the fun stuff!!! Life is short!!!