Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday AJ... on graduation day!

There are sometimes that I think I try to fit too much in a day... but there is just no other way! Today was the last day of school... THANK GOD! And it was also AJ's 10th b-day! And Caden's kindergarten graduation. And the last scheduled baseball game of the season for Colton and Caden. And Josh and Cassandra's 8th grade graduation... but... we fit it all in! Yes! Today was a memory making day at it's finest! How blessed am I!!!

Nana and grandpa kicked down the cool b-day gift for AJ that he wanted!

And... here's the kinder graduate... with his great toofless smile! Gosh, I love this baby!

And then... there was the twin's graduation... my niece and nephew graduated from 8th grade!

There couldn't be 2 better children on the planet! I am so proud to say they're mine. They are what every parent hopes and dreams that their kids will become. They are smart and beautiful... with hearts of gold! I pray my own 4 boys learn well from them... the important things in life. Good job sis... you single-handedly are doing an AMAZING job! Today was evidence of that! I'm proud of all three of you!

Josh spoke at the graduation ceremony... and we were all in tears!

Never to be out-done by his twin... Cassandra followed her brother with an amazing performance of her own. I've never seen this done at a graduation before... it's fantastic! And I was ever so happy to finally learn how to use my camera (quite by accident) to record this just in time to share on my blog!

Cassandra is the cutie on the right!

How can you ask for a better day than that?


The Joys of having Boys said...

That was awesome!!! What a day of memories....

B Boys Mom said...

What a great day you had. I can't believe you fit everything in. You are amazing. Enjoy school being out.

Kristen said...

First of all, CONGRATS on no more school!! Now you can concentrate on baseball! hehe! :)

And secondly, how cute are your kiddos. Caden just looks so happy with his missing tooth smile.

Finally, your day exhausts me. Oh my! I think I might need a nap now! :) Have a great weekend.

Wendi said...

I am tired just reading about that day! Whew!
What a beautiful family...indeed you are blessed!

Bad Momma said...

Happy Birthday AJ! Alex turns 10 today!
Congratulations on all the graduations!
Are you off for the summer now? Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Hipmomofboyz said...

Wow you did have a busy day. Looks like you got it all in. Now you need to rest.....
enjoy your weekend

McMommy said...

That's alot of celebration!!! How fun!

Jenny said...

What a day Rachel!!! Everything is so wonderful!!! You have such a great family, you all look so happy! I'm so glad you're done with school...we've been done since the 4th and it's just a WHOLE LOT OF RELAXING!!! Yipee!!!

3boys247 said...

What a busy day! Congratulations and lot of them.