Friday, July 18, 2008

Knights in Training... Examples please!

The best way to teach is by example... so here's my knight in shining armor getting the gourmet potatoes ready for dinner...

(nice arms... eh???) Yeah... Now I think so too... but I never really noticed that until Ree pointed out Marboro Man's ... isn't that sad???) Not my thing... but I love him because he is the most helpful, loving man around... with the biggest "servant's heart"... a true gift when you have 4 BOYS!!!

And here's my Knight in training... making dessert before his big game last night... (where he was the only one to "CRUSH" the ball.... yep, daddy's boy for sure!)

He's so proud... he loves crushing the oreos... and making A HOLY MESS!!

But I figured I had to be a little forgiving after all the shopping they let me do while they were at VBS the day before...

Like all my purses and shoes??? ME TOO... and they were "pretty good sports" posing too. (SORTA)

Black, red, neutral and green... got em all covered in one day- not bad.

ummm... back to this...

like all that butter??? Ree would be proud...

AND here's my 2 all stars... who I'm SOOO proud of!!!

BUT... here's my secret for not ever eating what my kids make... (besides dieting... again, still)

I spent the last decade saying... you need to share with your brothers--

but I didn't mean this:

or this:

or this:

opps ( you get the idea)...

"NOT" when you're cooking SON... that's GROSS!! (but they apparently don't mind-because it's ALL gone) I didn't get any tri-tip, or potatoes, or dessert, or corn, or broccoli (YUCK)... but I did eat the bread... which is why I need to be on a diet anyway.


Have a great weekend Y'all!


Julie said...

Great Pictures - Wow I love the desserts!!! Sharing at its best!

Amy Plumb said...

Thanks for coming by my blog or blogs.

Wow! I have to say you are amazing with the pictures of your kids. My husband and I keep saying that were going to do something with the boxes of pictures of our boys but there they sit. And now with every thing on the computer it will never get done.


Juliness said...

"A road map and a sack lunch..." now that was funny!

I love all your albums - I am trying to be better now that we have Ella but I am still hoplessly disorganized.

And ummm, I concur. Nice arms. :-)

kristen said...

Isn't it great to have a hubby that likes to cook. Mine does to and I think it's a great example for the boys.
Although mine to have that habit of licking the spoons, bowls etc when finished.

PS Loving the green purchase. Too cute !!

PSS Yes nice arms !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the boys with your purchases is soo cute! Can't believe you managaed to convince them to pose with those purses. =0)

Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck at the first picture, looking at his arm ;)

Shanan Strange said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you enjoyed my post. I was having a "moment" and it is nice to know someone can relate. I love the picture of your family wearing pink.

Carol said...

Very nice arms!

Gourmet potatos sound like ideal comfort food.

Amanda said...

I love the green bag and shoes. Green is my fav colour. Can i borrow it??!
How did you manage to get the boys to pose with them, WITH a smile on their face?!
Have a great weekend!
Amanda xx

Anonymous said...

All those boys are darling! Boy... I've got one son and after 16 years we are still adjusting to is birth! That kid has kept us hopping and the worrying... we didn't think he'd make it to two... then we thought he wouldn't make it to five... then 10... then 16... and here we are. The broken bones... stitches... his absolute lack of fear. UGH!!! When he has friends over our house literally shakes! That must be your house on a daily basis!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I loved homeschooling... except the math part. My advice there is it is important, don't do what I did. It caused all 3 of my kids some heartburn. I think the best thing you can do is to teach your child to teach himself. One, two or three different approaches do not fit all kids. Especially if that kid has had some trouble learning. When you open things up and allow them to research things on their own, in their own way, and then relate back to you what they learned... it is much more effective than answering questions in a text book. Have FUN!!! If you want to communicate "off blog" you can e-mail me at

Danette said...

I love the green purse! Where's it from?

I Am Boymom said...

I loved this post, great pics, great message, fun and yes...nice arms! You're right, Ree would be proud! :-) Your boys are hilarious and it looks like your family really enjoys each other.

3boys247 said...

We are very lucky to have our knights.

The dessert, was that crumbled oreos as a crust too...with ice cream? That is one of our favorite desserts. Try it at Christmas time with peppermint stick ice cream...mmmmm.

Rhonda said...

Came by your blog via a comment you left on "Misty's" blog. (Which, btw...I am with you on that one as I too work with high risk youth through our community!)

I love, love, love your post stating, the best way to teach is to show by example comment as well as the comment about "never homeschooling!" Although I can pretty much speak in absolutes on many things... I am always amazed at what strange things I find myself doing to stay sane or create a better world for my own five kids.

I enjoy your blog.