Saturday, July 5, 2008

Reason 46834 I Married Him

We usually do holidays at our house because it's easy. We generally love doing it because it usually means that we are able to get things done around the house that we have been putting off. But for the Fourth of July this year, with baseball and everything else going on... we didn't think we could get everything together in time, so we decided to keep it low key... aka- not invite anyone. But, at the last minute- we (hmmm, Tony) changed his... I mean, "our" minds and decided... let's just do it!

For me, that means cooking and decorating, which I love to do.... but for Tony, it means cleaning and yard work, and getting to be with people... which he loves (the people part anyway).

I started cooking yesterday... and thanks to Ree ... my dad got his Jalapeno poppers, mom got her apricot dessert, everyone got the flag dessert, and a select few got blue berries with her yummy homemade yogurt that she shared on her blog the other day... LOVE that woman!

The boys got to make they're favorite meat wraps... and a delicious dip that they devoured.

So it went like this... Tony decided we're doing the 4Th at our house Thursday morning before work. I go to Costco to get all the food, and I'm home and cooking by about 11a.m. I continue to cook until Tony gets home at 11:00 p.m., by which point I'm beginning to remember all the reasons we "weren't up for hosting a party." (My house is a mess, and it's not decorated for Pete sake!)

All six of us load up and head to Walmart to get the decorations I insist we need. (And I'm walking around a very crowded store thinking, "what's wrong with these people? Why aren't they home in bed, and what in the world are they doing out so late with their kids? Don't they know it's almost midnight? jeez! ... And then of course, I remind myself that my own 4 boys are racing their carts with their dad in the next aisle.)

Anyhow, somewhere along the way between getting the plates and getting some flags, I get the bright idea that we need pillows that are "4th of Julyish" too. How hard can that be???

I'll just buy a new sewing machine (I've never sewn a stitch in my life), and get some material. After all, how hard can it be to sew a square! I'll just whip some out when we get home, because it's very important to decorate! Right mom?

So, at 3 a.m. my hubby and I are doing just that! He was so great... we watched the instruction video and he finally got it all working for me (because I couldn't even thread the darn thing. I knew I was in trouble when it came with a instruction DVD. My own personal take is that it should have at least come out of the box ready to work for goodness sake. Oh well no.) By 4:30a.m. we had it basically done, all 7 pillows, but not quite. My mother, who puts Martha to shame, came to the house today a few hours before the guests arrived to "get it all finished before everyone showed up." Dad ate, I mean... cooked the poppers and got most of the food ready. My sister came early too... and she brought in the troops... The best kids on the planet = Josh + Cassandra. Josh keeps the boys out of the way and busy playing ... and Cassandra is a miracle worker who pretty much cleaned up and put out whatever we needed.

By the time everyone got here, we were pretty much ready. What a fun day! I love serving people and seeing people enjoying themselves. But most of all... most of all I'm thankful for a hubby that's still willing to do all-nighters with me (like we did back when we were dating)... and put up with me and my "great ideas." And I'm sure thankful for my great parents and sister who still know how to pull together and "getter done." Good times, good times!

Happy 4th of July everyone!
ps- I'll be sleeping in tomorrow for sure!


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Being a Canadian girl, I have only got to experience 'the 4th' once. It was on vacation in Oklahoma. I've got to say, you Americans sure know how to party! I can hardly believe all the energy & excitement that goes into your '4th' celebrations!

Just one suggestion for next 'bout an invite for the Canadian girl, her hubby & three boys! :::grin & wink:::

Jenny said...

Rachel.....PILLOWS???? What in the world, girl? You just won the award for the weirdest 4th of July party item. Made by hand, no less.
Having said that, I'm glad the party went well and every one had a good time!

Hipmomofboyz said...

looks like you had a great 4th,,,

sarah said...

wow! way to go!! sounds like fun!

but ... come on ... we don't even get to see a picture of the pillows?!

The Joys of having Boys said...

Wow, I was tired reading all of that. And I do know how to sew a little and even I would not have ventured to take that task. Ahh, what a man you have who would do that for you. Looks like you all had a great Fourth!!

Jodi said...

Not sure how I found your blog but I love it! I have five boys and love reading blogs of other moms with lots of boys too! Looks like one great party! Stop on by sometime!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Looks like fun! :)

Megan said...

i LOVE the adrenaline rush of last-minute company and getting ready for it!

what a super-mom you are! sounds like an awesome day!!


Super B's Mom said...

I am totally exhausted after reading that. But I do have a great visual of you running around the store after midnight with a sewing machine.

Your family sounds like SO MUCH fun and your hubby is such a good sport!

Tammy said...

Wow you had a very busy 24 hours. It did sound like fun.

McMommy said...

Holy moly!!!! I can't believe you sewed PILLOWS at 3am!! You TRULY are Superwoman.

I love the pics...the hot tub...everyone looks like they are having the time of their life!

Kelly said...

You DO have an awesome hubby and an adorable family.I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog.

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