Tuesday, March 11, 2008

blast from the past...

It officially started today... we're into the full swing of baseball season - which we all LOVE, LOVE, love!. But, all 4 boys are playing on M.C. teams, which is the private school I grew up going to. I usually hate going back there... the bad memories are always easier to remember than the good ones. I don't know why, because I have been blessed with some really awesome friendships that have lasted 25 years, and fun memories that I truly cherish. We only talked about the good ones tonight... so that was fun - sorta.

It was really wierd being there tonight because the boys were playing on the same fields I played on as a kid, with kids of friends I grew up with. Like... freaky weird! Tony is coaching the 7 year-old-team with his roommate from college... which just happens to be the first guy I ever held hands with (relax, I was like 12). We laughed about his "sweating hands" at dinner tonight, while his wife talked about her first kiss... another guy Tony coaches with that was my first love... in kindergarten... who's son is now best buds with my oldest. It's funny... but weird! There's some great life-lessons there boys... and when your 25... I'll get to explaining why you should never do anything that you don't want your X and your spouse to talk about later!

The coach tonight was the best man at our wedding, and his wife and I went to school from kindergarten through college. During practice I sat with my best-friend from high-school... we were both in each other's weddings... and now our boys are best friends in kindergarten; so they had to be on the same team.

Both of these gals love going down memory lane... I just don't get it! Not that I don't have good memories too, I really do. It's just that I don't want to remember too much, or too often. High school wasn't that great the first time through, I certainly don't want to relive it...not during every game and practice! I was quiet on the way home... trying not to think too much, remember too much.... Tony thinks having that much 'history' is the greatest thing ever... and the boys LOVE talking about mommy's old friends and the fun stories they hear about me when I was their age. Well, some memories feel more like baggage... and I'd just as soon not pick it up again.

Anyway... 5 practices down this week so far... 7 more to go...+ a game! And, it's gonna be fun!

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Jenny said...

I'm speechless. I haven't lived in my home town since 1995, so I can't even begin to imagine my life now, with kids, and going to activities with my old classmates! Pretty darn cool, I tell you.