Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where Did the Weekend Go?

With only 7 days until Easter... I'm wondering where my weekend went???? Oh, yeah... 9-12 baseball, 1-4 baseball, 6-8 BVG... home to make my "hunny-do" for Sunday.

We finally got Kyle moved downstairs into his new room, but by the time we repainted, sanded, and moved the funiture... the day was gone! Yikes. But, it will all get done; and all that really matters is that we'll all be together for the holiday... YEAH, Right! There's always this week... if I could just cancel baseball for just this week....


jennwa said...

Sports really do put a crinkle in your plans. I am always happy when a season is over.

Jenny said...

Erik works on Easter weekend. :(
And we don't live real close to family, so I really have no prep work at all. Not sure if I envy you because you'll be with family or if I'm glad we don't have any plans! I'll just be dyeing eggs all..weekend...long..with...the... girls. Yikes.