Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swinging Saturdays...

We had our first practice at 8:30 this morning... that would be A.M.!!! What was the coach thinking? Scheduling it that early on a SATURDAY... for Pete Sake!

He was thinking... about his next practice from 10 to 11:30. Then he started to get hungry... but had to rush to the next game (that I was at by 11:10). So, leaving the game at 1:45 p.m. he rushes to pick up a game shirt and run through a drive-thru for lunch.

Then he drops me off for ... snack duty (my LEAST favorite part of my "mom duties" for baseball season) from 2:30 - 4:30. While I'm there (HATING life because it is FLIPPING FREEZING), he'll go do batting practice with one of his teams.

When he's done there... he'll come back over to the field for our final game of the day. When that game is finally over, my WORLD'S BEST SISTER will take ALL 4funboys to her house to spend the night! Is she amazing or what? Yes, we know we're blessed!

By that time it will be about 7:30 and ... He's thinking... date night, alone with my kids!

And I'll be thinking... That was some SWINGING SATURDAY! And ... please be tired too!

I know he's already thinking... date... because last night I went up to go to bed and I found a bubble bath with the most wonderful smelling candles he'd just bought (in the most beautiful basket!); and he says ... "I want you to rest now, this is so you won't be too tired for our date tomorrow night."

so... I guess 12 hours of baseball is as good as it gets on a Saturday- as long as we have a great date afterwards!


Anonymous said...

What a great (and fantastically busy) day! My 4yo is about to start soccer and our life is about to go into serious overdrive!! Kudos to your hubby for planning ahead!

jennwa said...

Sounds like your husbaand has you figured out. Great end to a busy day. Have fun on date night.

Jenny said...

Holy busy Saturday, Batman! And yes, he was totally telling you he will NOT take any excuses on date night. Smart man.

Fire Hunt said...

You have a wonderful hubby. He needs to talk to my hubby hehe. Great end to a busy day.

McMommy said...

We begin Pee Wee baseball next week...our first "sport" ever! I think I have alot to learn from you. (are there Snack Moms in the pee wee version?)