Tuesday, March 18, 2008

fell in LOVE today...again!

I was running in between baseball fields tonight, which I really do love, and I ran into 2 boys that are my friend's kids. They needed some help finding a bathroom so I took then on an "adventure" while their dad helped coach. Talk about laughs...

Sammy is 3, and he just came back from moving to Africa with his family. He's the youngest of 4 of the MOST AMAZING kids on the planet. His older brother is one of my boys best buds, and Tony has coached with his dad the last couple of years. I grew up with his mom and uncle, like a lot of my friends... but this kid, this kid is SO special! He's the kind of kid that warms you from the inside out, and you pray that your own kids are just like him... AND HE'S ONLY 3!

Sammy... he is one of the those "I could just squeeze you, wanna eat you, hug you, love you kids" that makes you wish you still had a baby in the house! He told me he'd pack me up in his suitcase when he moves back to Africa in 7 weeks to show me a "real" adventure (which I can't think about them leaving right now), and I'm thinking... the kid's a GENIUS and I love his idea!

Yep... fell in love again with that kiddo tonight... all on my adventure to the potty (in which he became very frustrated with me "cuz I didn't wanna come see the "most ditscuzztingest boy side potty in the Wurrld"... but I told him I'd take his WURD for it because he was a great world traveler. )! I'm so glad I didn't miss my 27th day in a row of baseball tonight, because I'd have missed falling in love again!

Kids are truly God's way of reminded us about the good things in life!

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