Monday, March 10, 2008

Didn't I already pass 5th grade?

I love doing stuff with my boys... except those dumb school projects (K-1 projects are ok... chicken adventures and all). But am I the only one who hates doing state reports, mission displays, whale dioramas... and science fair projects? URGg. I have 17 baseball practices and games scheduled in the next 5 days alone... so doing 'projects for open house' won't be a high priority at the Mac house. (Which means we'll show up at open house and I'll hear "and she's a teacher." To which I'll say... 'his daddy did this one with with him.'

Yes, Mrs. BR... but you should see him hit a ball!

Here's "chicken" after another Kinder adventure at our house. He's worn out too - but mommy did the journaling this time... so no potty shots. They all liked daddy's bathroom adventure better... even Mrs. O. --


jennwa said...

I am over school projects too. We just made a weather vain. No way my son could have made it himself. So there is another project for Mommy. I wish I had paid more attention in school. I guess this is my pay back.
My daughter loves to strap in her stuffed animals too.
Have a great Tuesday!!!!

Jenny said...

HATE HATE HATE school projects. I cannot wait until they are old enough to just do it themselves. Teachers should just cut out the lies and say, "Ok, Mom and's your project assignment for this month!" :)
Cute chicken, by the way. I hope your boys don't buckle up like that!

Susan said...

Hi Rachel,

So nice to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by. Your boys are just precious.

Oh, I remember these days like yesterday, so much FUN.

Yes, start praying for those daughter in laws NOW, it's never too early. Pray for Godly friends too.

What a beautiful family you have.

I'll be back~